10 Cool Modern Indoor Hanging Chairs Ideas and Designs

Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

If you’re looking to add some uniqueness and extra pizzazz throughout the house and have no idea how, look no further than with an eclectic and surprising indoor hanging chair.

These detailed beauties can do just as much transformative flair as any other type of accent piece but with a lot more fun and personality intact. Whether it’s to add a bit of “you” into your home office or spruce up the living room with a more welcoming and family-friendly vibe, we’ve got the inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

Let’s take a peek at 10 cool and modern indoor hanging chairs ideas and designs that will make you smile, give the kids a place to plop and brighten up any one of your favorite rooms.


Indoors: Pave Stone Indoor Rock Seating Collection by Enzo Beri


A stunning looking design Japanese Zen black Rattan Indoor hanging Chair

Black and brown neutrals cover this chair so it’s blendable and easy to mix and match within a number of rooms and color schemes, but it’s unique texture and cultural tone create an eclectic ethos and a Zen-like feel. This piece would be perfect for a casual living room or even inside a large breakfast nook or covered patio.


Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

An Egg style indoor hanging chair complemented by two other stunning rattan chairs.

Hang this one straight from the ceiling for a floating and bigger “wow” effect. It’s a more organic and neutral look, which fits in with this particular space, but we also see this design highlighting a brighter room with a lot of color. Not only can it tone done the more overwhelming interior design but it can add an extra element of style.


Rattan and Egg Style Indoor Hanging Chairs

This one is quite the work of art. A bit chunky and a bit artistic in design, it’s got a more masculine and comfortable look. We love the addition of the plush cushion sitting inside, making it the perfect choice for creating a reading nook or corner made for a bit of R&R only. You may even want to paint the unfinished wood!


Stunning Indoor Rattan Hanging Chairs

These Rattan style chairs look really comfortable for those who want to chill out and relax.

Check out these Asian-inspired beauties! Although they look like they’re fit in with an outdoor scheme with ease, you can have these pieces hanging in the home too. In the kids’ playroom or inside the covered patio, these will act as luxurious comfy spots. Throw some colored pillows and printed blankets for a bit of easy pop and pizzazz.


Indoor Hanging Loveseat and Chair Combination

This is more like a hanging loveseat as it’s definitely built for two to enjoy – or you can just lay down, lounge and use as your personal reading nook. Again, this has a bulkier and more masculine feel, and you get to add a plush cushion inside for extra comfort. We like the idea that you could also paint the foundation to your liking!


indoor hanging chaise lounge design

A hanging chaise lounge …. well, that’s a genius idea. It’s modern, fresh and the patterned cushion can only add more life and theme to your personal style vision. We love this piece for a spacious master bedroom or light and bright living room that needs a bit more room to rest and relax. Just make sure there aren’t too many distractions around as it could make any nook feel a bit too cluttered.


indoor hanging chair near fireplace

We are swooning over this entire space for its subtly and subdued nature. Creamy, camel foundation highlights the beauty of this simple design. There’s definitely a zen nature surrounding this room, and it only adds to the Asian, organic sensation.


Ovis Designer Hanging Chair

One of the most unique designs of the list, we are loving this simple and delicately designed style. Although it may not one you can take a nap in, it can definitely bring a rustic and western vibe into any room. This is one we see accenting a master bedroom or a home office with a simple and minimalistic theme.



Hanging Chair Modeled After Bird Cage

A stunning design but not too sure on the comfort side of things.

If this isn’t a “wow” accent piece, I don’t know what is. With its birdcage style and whimsical essence, you could really transform your bedroom or living room. There’s an artistic, eclectic and purely fairy-tale vision created when you use a chair that has such a unique and beautiful design, this being one of those. And it could definitely be used as more than an accent piece and more like a focal point.


super modern hanging chair design

With a seashell shape and a very architectural finish, this piece is quite the showstopper, don’t you think? This piece could certainly fit into a more modern or artistically-styled space with ease and simplicity. We suggest adding some throw pillows and blankets to the mix to make it a more approachable and welcoming space.


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