7 Ideas For Your Home Driveway On A Budget


One stand-out feature of any home is the driveway. A well-designed driveway helps to improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, and it’s also one of the most overlooked elements to selling a home. Create a good looking and useable border to match your driveway.

Upgrading your driveway offers a wide range of possibilities, and the investment doesn’t have to cost you several thousands of dollars. Outlined below are some of the ways in which you can give your driveway an appealing facelift that also adds a layer of function.


1. Asphalt Topcoat Driveway


Home Driveway On A Budget


An asphalt topcoat driveway is created using a combination of rock and sand to create the base. Asphalt cement is then added to create the topcoat. Most asphalt topcoat driveways have a black appearance.

This type of driveway is usually popular in areas which experience harsh winters or where the ground often freezes. This is because asphalt is flexible and it doesn’t crack easily. The benefit of this type of driveway is that it’s very cheap to install.

Note that asphalt usually works best if there is a big driveway to be installed.


2. Brick Driveway

Although this type of driveway was commonly used during the ancient period, brick driveways provide a classic and unique feel. In order to create a brick driveway, a solid perimeter base is laid out and then bricks will be layered across it.

The design and creation of this driveway are just like how brick houses are usually made. Even though installing a brick driveway is expensive, if it is done in the right manner, it can last for many decades. The main benefit of brick driveways is that they require very little maintenance.

If you already own a brick driveway try giving it a clean with a good quality pressure washer. This can transform the look of a driveway just by removing years of grime.


3. Crushed Stone and Gravel Driveway


Home Driveway On A Budget

A crushed stone driveway is a cheap and simple option.


Loose gravel is poured into a contained barrier to create this type of driveway. One of the benefits of crushed stone and gravel driveway is that it is very easy to configure.

Besides that, the installation process is very simple and it is affordable. Crushed stone and gravel driveways are durable and they can be used to create different styles and color designs.

This type of driveway is best fit for properties which have large lawns or in rural areas because gravel and crushed stone provide stunning views and beautiful winding curves when there is a lot of landscaping involved.


4. Etching, Staining, and Stamping

Etching, staining, and stamping are processes that are often regarded as concrete enhancements. acid etching and acid stain are used to create an acidic base on concrete driveways resulting in a look that mimics wood, leather or natural stone. a stamped concrete driveway has a unique decorative look.

The benefit of all these concrete enhancements is that they help to improve your home’s appeal.


5. Concrete Driveway


Home Driveway On A Budget

A concrete driveway can last for many years without any sort of repairs when done correctly.


It is the most popular type of driveway due to its durability. If it’s installed properly, concrete can be practically regarded as maintenance–free. The advantage of using concrete is that you can construct a driveway in various styles and colors.

Note that the installation of a concrete driveway should be done by a professional because it requires the right expertise as well as equipment. Concrete is the best fit for those who are looking for low-maintenance driveways.

You could simply try and make your own concrete path with a simple concrete path maker. These are molds that you can use time and time again to build a simple concrete path or driveway.


6. Cobblestone and Pavers

Cobblestone and pavers can bring an old world, classic feel to your home’s entryway. Just like bricks, the benefit of installing cobblestone and pavers in a driveway is that it can last for many decades.

This combination is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. A cobblestone or paver driveway is typically the best fit for a short distance and in upscale neighbourhoods.

The designs and pattern possibilities are endless, too, when working with such pavers and paving stone products. Just be sure to assess your driveway shape and angulation so that your design and style preferences align with what’s doable.



7. Pavers and Grass


Using pavers and grass


This is an environmentally-friendly type of driveway. The benefits of creating a paver and grass driveway are that there are various styles and designs to suit different user’s needs. Plus these designs can help absorb and drain water during heavy rain, which makes them ideal for wet areas or properties susceptible to flooding.

Pavers are available in different textures, colors, shapes, and sizes. They are normally installed in a certain geometric pattern and then grass is planted along with the voids, resulting in a cool and unique look.

Pavers driveways with exposed grass provide more green space and create a unique look. Note that when you are choosing pavers, ensure that they match with your property and its architecture in order to create an attractive aesthetic.

If you already have an existing driveway and you want to save on the expense of updating, why not try and clean it with a good quality pressure washer. It can make all the difference once it has been pressure cleaned and you can actually see what is under the grime.

Your pressure washer can also be used for a number of things around the home so is a good buy if it actually saves you money on replacement items and helps to keep your house looking spick and span.



When installing a driveway, it important to consider factors such as life expectancy, budget, maintenance, climate, and curb appeal. But regardless of the type of driveway that you choose to install in your home, ensure that the end result will be something beautiful.

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