How to Spice Up Your Home Using Old Wooden Furniture

Bring Your Home To Life With Old Wooden Furniture

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Creating a new look for your home shouldn’t be expensive. As long as you have the right pieces of furniture and decor, you should be able to revamp your place without putting a strain on your budget.

One way to do that is to use old wooden furniture. Wood is long-lasting and durable. It’s a sustainable material that’s friendly to the environment, too.

To help you in designing your home using old wooden furniture, below are some awesome tips you’ll find useful.

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Make sure your wood furniture is worth refinishing

This is the first thing you need to do.

While old wooden furniture is great to have at home, you should check it first if it’s worthy to be refinished and used in revamping your place. Even though wood is made to last for a long time, there are still factors that can degrade its quality.

For that, check if the furniture is painted. Paint can typically hide a lot of damages, like water stains and burns. It’s best to buy a piece of furniture that has an old dirty varnish since you’ll be able to see everything underneath.

Next is the structure. Check if the wooden furniture is still working properly. You may also want to check each of its parts to make sure that there are no termites.

If you find termites, treat the furniture first before you bring it inside your home. A termite colony can grow fast and that can spell problems for the other wooden pieces you have at home.

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Find a dominant wood tone

After knowing that your old wooden furniture is in good condition, it’s time to determine the pieces that’ll go with it.

While it’s perfectly fine to play with different wood tones, it’s still best if you can pick out a dominant tone that will help you in bringing the rest of your pieces together. For example, you can pick the biggest old wooden furniture in the room and use it as your dominant wood tone.

After deciding what your dominant wood tone it, check if it’s on the warmer or cooler side. This will help you in choosing and mixing undertones between your pieces.

If you choose a piece that has a warm mid-tone, pick up pieces within the same family. This way, you’ll be able to create continuity throughout your space.

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Create continuity with finish

If you are having a hard time putting your pieces together, a good solution is to use similar wood finishes or grains. For example, in one room, you can use pieces that are all matte or with subtle grain finish. This tip is really helpful if there’s a high contrast between your chosen wood tones.

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Don’t overdo it

While using old pieces of wooden furniture is great, you have to be very careful about the number of pieces you pack inside a room. Don’t go overboard with it as it will just result in an interior design mistake you’ll likely regret in the end.

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Use an accent color

Now, if you are feeling unsure about how you matched the wood grains in your home, try to tie the different finishes together with an accent color.

You can create a more harmonious flow using a single color or shade for your stools, throw pillows, lamp shade. You can add use a rug in your chosen accent color.

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Try to mix modern with traditional periods

While having a vintage air at home is nice, it’s usually not enough to make a space fit for everyday life. With that, you may want to try mixing traditional furniture with modern periods.

For example, adding old wooden furniture to your living room can give your plush sofa or TV a more at-home feel. The same thing applies if you have lots of modern appliances at home.

Now, of course, the ultimate decision to pick the right mix of furniture and appliances will depend on your preference and the design you are aiming for. So before you actually buy things to add to your home, it’s a good idea to sit down and plan everything first.

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Consider the space

If you have smaller rooms at home that you want to maximize, pick wooden furniture in a lighter shade. It can give a room an airier, bigger feel.

For larger rooms, you may want to pick wooden furniture with rich tones as they help create a luxurious effect.

You can accentuate corners using potted plants. Their green hues create a nice hint of color among the grains in your home.

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Maintain your wooden furniture

To maintain your wooden furniture, you need to pay more attention to it. This will make sure that the piece lasts long.

To start, you need to dust it well. Use soft and dry cotton cloth to sweep off any dirt. Apart from that, you also need to keep your furniture away from where it’ll be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged time periods. This will result in spotting where dark and bright spots will appear across its entire cross section.

Apply wax and oil regularly. These products add a protective layer to the furniture and make it appear more lively.


When it comes to revamping homes, you can’t go wrong with wood. This material has a timeless effect and it’s considered to be durable, cheaper, and sustainable. Apart from that, wood is also good for your mental well-being.

So in designing your home using old wooden furniture, you’re not just improving the way your place looks, but you are actually helping the environment as well as your health.

However, like everything you put inside your home, you need to be extra careful in picking up the right pieces. Careful planning will help ensure that you’ll be able to get the exact design or theme you want for your home. It’s also a way to make sure that everything you have at home won’t clash or look awkward against each other.

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