7 Favorite Fire Pit Designs for a Magical Backyard

Fire Pit Designs for a Magical Backyard

Fire pits offer a welcoming centerpiece to any outdoor living space. Not limited to friends and family gatherings, fire pits appeal to all generations and backgrounds. There’s just something about sitting around a fire that brings people together.

Design your own fire pit

Today’s fire pits have evolved well beyond the primitive hole in the ground concept that can be fashioned in an hour. Creative fire pit ideas provide an elevated experience that makes use of stunning hardscape elements and more elaborate design applications.

From using vibrantly-colored brick and textured stonework to integrating patios and natural elements, the design possibilities are endless.

If leveling-up your fire pit seems like an intriguing project for your outdoor living space, then check out these stunning fire pit designs to create a magical backyard.

Provide a Destination Spot for Guest

Outdoor living is all about creating an extension of your home. That means creating thoughtfully-designed spaces that draw guests outside or inspire outdoor gatherings in themselves.

For homeowners who are still at the drawing board contemplating ideas, fire pit placement can mean everything. Especially if you’re looking to provide an alternative destination spot for guest and family to enjoy.

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Fire Pit Designs


By positioning this fire pit and surrounding built-in seat wall at the far end of the property, this outdoor living space becomes as destination spot for intimate gatherings and casual rendezvous alike.

Outdoor lighting integrated within the hardscape and landscape provides additional ambiance and visibility, all while bringing the space to life. Sure, you may not have lakefront views and picturesque sunsets.

But there’s certainly ample inspiration to be taken with this backyard fire pit design.

Coordinate Your Fire Pit Design

Creating a coordinated look might seem like a design challenge for some, but when use the right style of pavers and hardscape elements, your project will flow together naturally.

Consider the space you’re working with – the terrain, elevation, surrounding landscape, and foliage – and look for hardscapes that align with your property’s personality.

Mega-Arbel Fire Pit Design

Squared angles combined with textured stone create a coordinated look for this rustic fire pit design. By using the same retaining wall blocks to construct the fire pit, seat walls, retaining walls and steps, this project showcases a cohesive look while blending various elements of the design together.

Create Space to Retreat

Fire pits offer the perfect place to retreat outdoors. While some prefer a fire pit that’s positioned further away from home, others can achieve the same feeling of retreat just a few steps outside their backyard patio.

If you have the space to incorporate a fire pit to your patio, it’s hard to go wrong.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas

This expanded fire pit design and surrounding open patio area provides ample space for gathering. With an extra large fire pit, it’s easy to position plenty of seating and standing room around the pit, offering the perfect setting for large family gatherings.

The only thing missing here is some of your favorite people and a guitar.

Find a Secluded Getaway

Perhaps you’d prefer building a fire pit that’s positioned with some distance from your dwelling. We don’t blame you. Whether it be near the lakeshore or tucked away in the woods, your choice of placement can provide a secluded getaway in that very special spot on your property.

Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas from Northfield Chicago

In this fire pit design, the curved retaining wall creates an element of privacy. In turn, this gives the area surrounding this sunken fire pit the feel of an intimate nook for meditation, enjoying a morning coffee, or evening libation with friends and family.

It’s also the perfect landing for a proper chill session after a day out on the water.

Make the Most of Small Spaces

Small spaces can present a challenge with fire pit design. But often times it’s working within limitations that lead to some of the most creative ideas.

Think outside the box from conventional fire pits and consider all possibilities – including gas-burning pits and uniquely shaped designs.

Alternative options can inspire a different arrangement that might work perfectly for confined spaces.

rectangular fire pit design

In the project above, a rectangular fire pit serves as an excellent option for a narrow patio space and allows ample leg room for larger furniture pieces without compromising the flow of traffic.

And for safety, gas-burning pits are known to be a better choice when placed within ten feet from the home. They’re also easier to use and maintain over time.

Be Inspired by Elements of Nature

For wooded properties nestled in areas with lots of trees and foliage, homeowners can derive inspiration for the surrounding elements of nature when designing their fire pit space.

From integrated a terrace or gazebo space, or incorporating stunning landscaping or water elements, the possibilities are endless. And when it comes to materials, the vast options of textured stone and brick pavers are equally limitless.

Natural Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas

While most certainly an elaborate integration, this outdoor fire pit design combines the natural elements of stone, wood, fire, and water to create an attractive gathering spot.

Not only does this design take natural inspiration to an entirely new level, but the finished project complements the surrounding wooded landscape and offers a serene retreat for many occasions.

Bring Vibrant, Bold Tones Into Your Design

Sometimes the decision to choose a particular brick or hardscape element is obvious. Unlike using textured stone and mixed-material elements, many homeowners opt to create harmonious cohesion between their fire pit, backyard patio, and dwelling.

Using bold bricks that render warm, colorful tones are the perfect example of a coordinating fire pit design that flows flawlessly with a property as a whole.

Red Brick Fire Pit Patio Design Ideas

Vibrant reds bring this outdoor fire pit design to life. Bold, red brick is seamlessly used for the fire pit, bar, columns, and porch fascia – all of which coordinate with the red tones of the patio’s eco-friendly permeable pavers.

Sure, the mixed-material design is all the rave right now. But it’s hard to deny that tastefully-matched designs like this aren’t picture perfect.

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