10 Cool Sectional Couches for Small Spaces

Sectional Couches for Small Spaces

Are you looking for a comfy, cozy furniture piece to round out your living room? If you don’t have the space for large and in charge seating, you can still get that welcoming, homey look with a sectional sofa that’s smaller in size. And that’s what today is all about.

We’ve compiled a healthy list of beautiful, real-life options that are not only stylish for your modern-inspired home but functional too. Let’s take a peek at these 10 stylish and cool sectional couches for small spaces!


Dorel Asia Microfiber Sectional Sofa – Durable frame construction, loose seat and back cushions and no-sag spring foundation

This microfiber sofa has all the makings of a traditional, comfy spot. But it’s clean lines and charcoal tones help to create an easy, contemporary look to the entire space.

It’s an easy piece to accent with colors or keeps with strictly a neutral theme.


Modular seating island in organic curves represents the perfect place to relax from the stress of everyday life.

For a super modern look, try finding a piece like this modular seating island for your formal living room or even inside your home office.

It’s a smaller look that can easily act as the gorgeous focal point of a room and even get a bit of comfort and relaxation into boot.



England Richard Small Sectional Couch with Ottoman for Chaise Attachment at Godby Home Furnishings

This cranberry-hued beauty would fit right into a living room of neutral tones. How gorgeous would it be set in a space filled with bright whites and creams? It’s cozy and comfortable but can be a major player in your home’s overall ethos.


Kick back and relax with this supercush modular lounge set.

We are loving this modern and trendy sectional lounge set. It’s small enough to fit in a quaint living room or even inside an apartment or dorm room, without sacrificing any fun style. We love the neutral color too that can be paired with a host of different complimentary colors, patterns, and themes.



Hamilton combines classic styling with a hand rubbed leather that gives this collection an old-world flair.

Are you looking for a piece to finish off your home office or formal living room, but you’re searching for a more masculine, traditional style? This hand-rubbed leather sectional may be just the pick for yours. It’ll give your home an old-world flair and sophisticated finish.


Comfort, correct proportions of seat and back and accurate details are the basic features of this upholstery system, which includes a different kind of units matching together.

Don’t you love how this sectional fits right into this little nook? It makes for the perfect space to rest and relax, read a book, sip some tea and simply enjoy your home. The piece also has nice, clean lines making for a fashion-forward and youthful look with a lot of ease.



Lounge set consisting of: an armchair, 2- and 3-seater sofas and a footrest

This lounge set has all the benefits of traditional, masculine leather seating as well as uber modern pieces with futuristic style. The color is unique and exciting and the shape of the furniture makes it a beautiful way to decorate your bachelor pad.



2 seater and 3 seater modules as right-, left- or midsections and a corner unit.

Not all sectional sofas are made for the living room. We’re absolutely drooling over this modern module set, which looks fantastic in this breakfast nook. It creates an overall, unique look with a relaxing and simple foundation that can easily be assented and built upon.



Modular Sofa and pouf. Steel Frame. Elastic strips suspension

This set has a unique shape and plush feel. We love the ombre effect of the throw pillows that offset the heather grey tone and we love even more so that the light coloring adds extra space to the small, darker room.

Again, it’s clean lines give it a modern look that we know helps to inspire a lot of fashion-forward energy as well.



Koochy Small Steel Frame Sectional Sofa By Karim Rashid for Zanotta

This one is a beauty, don’t you think? Ultra contemporary and chic with a posh and bold finish, this red sectional will be the perfect way to top off your small formal living room or even create a seating space in your home office.

It may be a tinier piece in terms of furniture but it’s might in interest, design, and style.



Our Brooklyn Collection is distinguished by its smart, tailored look. Crafted in America with impeccable style and sink-in comfort, it has pleated roll arms that are outlined with antique-bronze nailheads and a scooped design that maximizes legroom.

This piece, crafted in America, is a more traditionally tailored look. It’s comfortable, a smidge contemporary but also feels right at home in a relaxed setting.

The nailhead accents give it an extra pop of pizzazz and old-age spirit, which in turn creates an even more interesting style overall.



Deep space‘s innovative shape – curved armrests, slightly tapered back, graceful base frame – looks elegant and floating. Seats and backrests are fully extendable/adjustable.

Maybe you’re on the hunt for something not only contemporary in style but innovative in design too. This sectional has a fun shape, great bones, and legs with fully extendable backrests and middle storage for your reading material and remote controls (you’ll never lose the clicker again!).



A surprisingly wide range of conversion options makes Moule unique. The range converts so easily thanks to swivel seats and flexible, independently movable back-and armrests.

One of the smallest pieces of the bunch, this Moule sectional has every part of modern style that we love. Charcoal colors, clean edges, innovative design, and comfort too.

Almost every part of the seating arrangement is flexible to create a better bit of coziness and it’s also got the ability to fit into so many different spaces and room styles.



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