AeroMarine 300/21 Epoxy Resin 1.5 Gallon Kit with Pumps Price: $157.00 (as of 28/10/2020 03:05 PST- Details)


Clear Epoxy Resin. Total yield of 1.5 Gallons. This kit contains pumps. Consists of one gallon of #300 resin and a half gallon of #21 Non Blushing Cycloaliphatic Hardener. Color in containers varies. Epoxy is NOT UV resistant and will yellow in sunlight. Work life: 30 minutes@70F. Cure time: 24 hours@70F. The mix ratio is a simple 2:1 by either weight or volume. Our most popular clear epoxy resin AeroMarine 300/21 is a thin, clear liquid. It is ideal for most functions including but not limited to: Boat and aircraft building, poured countertops and general fiberglass and carbon fiber laminating. Great for building a ‘Stitch and Glue’ boat, Cedar strip kayak or canoe as well as for cold molded wood boat or fiberglass boats. This multi-functional epoxy is also used for pebble paving, pebble resurfacing, pebble repair, and pebble or stone decking. Automotive enthusiasts use it for laminating carbon fiber parts including hoods, dashes, etc. It is also an excellent choice for poured epoxy countertops, bar tops and table tops; and even making Jewelry. NOTE: THIS PRODUCT IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR AMAZON FREE SHIPPING.

Specification: AeroMarine 300/21 Epoxy Resin 1.5 Gallon Kit with Pumps

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